February 2021 – The Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development awarded $500 thousand in grants to support five industry sector partnerships as they build
collaborative partnerships to solve workforce development challenges. This included HMTI as we solve talent shortage in the trucking industry.

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma

February 2021 – HMTI joined the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma. AICCO is an organization in which American Indian Businesses, Tribal Leaders, and other minority-owned businesses can come together with innovative ideas that will promote & enhance the success of American Indian-owned businesses and the communities we live.

Cherokee Tero

September 2020 – HMTI was certified as an Indian Owned Business by the Cherokee nation TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office).

Big Cabin Main Campus

July, 2020 – HMTI relocated its main campus to Big Cabin, Oklahoma, after acquiring Franks & Sons Trucking. The 11-acre campus will be custom designed for teaching students to earn their CDL licenses.

Tahlequah Branch

June, 2020 – HMTI opened a second campus. This new campus in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, is serving Eastern Oklahoma and the Cherokee Nation.

Partner with Grand Nation, Inc.

May, 2020 – HMTI partnered with Grand Nation, Inc. in Vinita, Oklahoma. Student drivers got hands-on training while picking up and delivering food to communities and tribes in Northeast Oklahoma.

Partner with Cherokee Nation Career Services

March, 2020 – HMTI partnered with Cherokee Nation Career Services to offer CDL training to students in the High-Voltage Lineman program. This was the start of the HMTI Tahlequah Branch.

HMTI opens it's doors

July, 2019 – Bobbie Wolf opened HMTI in Vinita, Oklahoma, providing Commercial Drivers License training to rural communities and Native American Tribes.

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